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how to prepare a car steering joystick for my computer? Answered

well i want to drive a car or play the car game not with the help of a keyboard but i want a steering infront of me;accelerator,brake ,clutch at my foot & gear's beside me ...so as it would give a real car driving experience on a computer ;
                   so ,please tell me or guide me how to prepare it at my home..plz


Although it is possible to make a steering wheel etc, you will most likely get a much better result by buying one of the widely available wheel peddle units that are around.

If you know the make and model, you could download the drivers from the 'net. You might also need to look at Control Panel/Game Controllers as well.

Sorry to not be more specific, but I think drivers (no pun intended) is the way to go... ;-)

I thought he had the kit but just wanted to connect it.
Sorry if I misunderstood.

The link to the 'ible looks great, btw!