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how to prepare liquid hand wash soap industrially? Answered


This is not the best site to be asking industrial-process questions with a view to setting up a production facility.


(Doesn't stop people asking though..)

I think she just wants to know how to make liquid hand soap, not necessarily set up a liquid hand soap factory.  At least that's what I'm hoping...

I read from "industrially" and "manufacturing" that an enterprising young person would like to set up a soap business. But I'm not sure we've got the specific answers for efficient large-scale production.


Thanks for the reply.I am simply just asking about the formulation!

What you want are possibly industrial-secrets. You can trawl the internet and look at the ingredient-list on commercial products, but I'm not hopeful anyone here could give you a measured-formulation.


From the replies, I began to think she just wanted to know how it was made, which is fair enough - the basic process isn't complex.  I often wonder how things are made and often find myself hypnotized by "How It's Made" on Discovery Channel even if I have no intention of setting up a baseball glove factory.
What do you mean by industrially?  Like you want to manufacture liquid hand soap? or you want to make industrial strength hand soap? or you want to make a lot but less than 500,000 bottles?

i mean that what r the reagents, temperature conditions,equipments used in the preparation of liquid hand wash soap.....

There's not a whole lot to it.  You can make a gallon of it for less than $1.  Hand soap is mostly soap and water, but you can look at the back of a bottle of hand soap and read the ingredients - water should be the first ingredient.  If you're just wanting to make it for yourself, here are some directions on how to do it.  I've done about as much because my favorite soap comes in bar form.  Makes for a good liquid body wash or liquid hand soap.

8 years ago

I'm with Red in not understanding exactly what you're asking, so I'll tell you what I do.
I buy an anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid soap at the dollar store and use it to refill my hand soap dispensers at home. You can get a 24 ounce bottle for a buck. Cheap and it works as well, if not better, than the commercially branded stuff.