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how to program PIC18f4550,so that i can control(on/off, tx/rx, parellel)PIC ports using usb & how to create UI in PC ? Answered


What programming experience have you got ?
Have you read the datasheet ?
Have you got a compiler for it ?

What can you write PC code in ?

What's the "UI" for ?

I have experience little more than basic level , and am using MPLAB and C18 compiler for 18F4550, i have knowledge of getting data form ports and processing data in PIC itself, but i like to know,the firmware needed in PIC to send data to my PC, for ex, getting analog input from port(i have knowledge of doing this) and displaying it in PC with/without UI(i like to know how to).

There are TONS of application notes and source code on the Microchip website.
Start there.