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how to propose the girl? Answered

becoze i love one girl,but i cant dare to tell her that i love her,they didnt give me to call,i dont know she loves me or not.,we only sms each other,and also that are normal messages like jokes.

now i cant live without her she was my class mate,and we have finished study.




7 years ago

A girl may only respond to a man..

If you do not have enough courage to ask her, she can not respond.

she knows she must respond to a man one day.

You can let her know you like her, and will be there to ask her more then once.

She will feel safety by your promise and like you for it.

Ask her to meet you for pleasant activity.

Learn her hearts desires


Just to confirm that you are really in love.

Do you know?
What does she likes to do (hobbies)?
What's her favourite food?
In her family who is she really close to?
Do you know her really close friends (girls) in school?

Your best bet is not to marry at all ! They all cheat on you use them then lose them you will be alot happy'er with out them ripping out your heart........

Invite her for a date. It can be just a walk to the hot dog or something else. It's no shame to say I don't have enough money for an elaborate dinner if asked. When she will be with you, she will understand your real intention. If everything goes well, she will be glad to go out with you more often.
NOTE: Don't act the smooth dude kind. Be yourself. You will have butterflies but thats OK. All the Best!

As others have said: You're confusing infatuation -- a crush, a fantasy -- with love. Infatuation is about how you feel; love is about caring how the other person feels. It's a common mistake, especially for folks who are still new to both. (Believe me, we've all gone through the same thing at or around your age.)

Warning: A crush is almost always one-way. If you are _lucky_, she might like having you as a friend. If you come on this strong, you are almost guaranteed to scare her off. (And if you didn't, frankly, I'd worry a bit.)

So: Stop and catch your breath. Start is by just asking her if she'd like to be your friend -- hang out together, go to movies or out to ice cream, that sort of thing. A friendship is ALWAYS the right place to start. After you have known each other better for a while -- SMS does not count, people are different electronically than they are in person!! -- the two of you can think about whether there's really anything there worth pursuing further.

But starting with an ordinary friendship means you have something worth keeping even if it doesn't go anywhere, and helps keep you -- and her -- from being hurt while you're exploring this.

That may not be the advice you want to hear. But it's the best advice I can give you.

i did the same last year as you just said. and it turned out to be very nice. sometimes i think that you know everything in every categories or subjects

Well, I'm opinionated cuss, and I've been around long enough to have some experience testing my opinions... and I try not to answer unless I think I've got something useful to contribute.

On the other hand, don't assume I always know what I'm talking about -- gods know I've made my share of mistakes. If it's important, crosscheck it. Which is good practice for any source of information, actually.

get realize her that you care about her.
Do not be afraid,Because fear is the next conquered
Then propose her,Otherwise someone else will propose..........

Sorry for my poor English..

I doubt that without more personal contact you can love her - Don't mistake lust and longing for love.

In addition for it to work Love has to be a two way thing. Start by trying to build a firmer relationship and see how it goes.

wait hold up, you haven't even told her you love her, you only talk text message, and you want to propose? It seems a bit pre-mature

Does she even suspect you love her ?