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how to publish a instructable? Answered

i made a instructable , i publish it but when i searching for it I cant find it. i tried to log out but nothing happen

when i log in and i go to my profile i can watch it but when i search it i cant find it



That makes 3 of us who can see it. I think the problem is that it is an unfinished 'ible. You stop at page 2, "Things you will need" and end with "MORE SOON!". I think it would show up if you finished it.

By the way, you have good english and I cannot wait to see the rest of the 'ible.  :)


Your instructable is definitely published, as you and I can both see it. Sometimes it gets caught in filters before showing up on the feeds. A quick glance at yours, there is a bit of a lack of pictures. You do have a few, and they seem to be originals, so I'm not sure if that's what would flag it or not.

Have you gone through the last steps, and given it tags and keywords ?