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how to put a g i joe parachute on correctly? Answered

i just want to know how ok



Looking closely at the instructions you can plainly see... the parachute attaches by magic... as simple as that ;)

Not sure what GI Joe you want instructions for but you should be able to find the instructions here...


Thanks, this is very useful for the 12" (classic) G.I. Joe or Action Man.

"Will Joe survive his 'skydive to danger'? ...You find out!"

I believe the answer is that the GI Joe intended to work with the parachute had a pair of loops molded into his shoulders, which the chute's shrouds were tied to.

I suppose if you can find or make a vest or backpack for the figure, you could attach the shrouds to that instead. As long as he doesn't slip out of it...

I wish I knew too!