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how to put weight on? Answered

yuh i am a little under weight just want tips on how to put weight thats all really any tips?


1. Depending on who you ask, protein shakes are either essential or stupid, but I find that they make it easier to get enough calories per day. "Muscle Milk" is one of the more palatable brands I've found. 2. An extension of the general "do exercise": make sure you include lifts for the big muscles in your legs, i.e. squats, deadlifts, etc. When you target the large muscle groups like your quads, it causes your body to release a lot of the chemicals that promote growth, which helps you bulk up everywhere. So basically, making sure to include your lower body will help you improve your upper body faster as well. 3. Also, I second Kiteman; if you are just trying to bulk up for appearance rather than health or athletic reasons... recognize that even hitting the gym a lot, a naturally lean guy is likely to stay pretty lean, even if they get stronger. So might as well embrace it. Hopefully that helps...

Do regular exercise. Eat bananas with milk. You will definitely gain weight.

"A little underweight" is usually nothing to worry about.

If your weight concerns you, get it checked by a medical professional, that is a doctor, not a "nutritionist" or somebody from a gym. It is quite possible that you are simply built to be the weight you are.

If you are trying to bulk up for appearance' sake, then the answer is a healthy diet plus lots of exercise.

Invest in some fishing weights... Oh, weight! er... Wait! You meant... Oh, ok! Define what you are underweight for.

Weight training and lots of calories. Lots of calories. Or you could just wait until you're about 25-30 and the weight will start to come and you'll spend the rest of your life trying to keep it off. Also getting married has been know to put a few lbs. on both sexes.