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how to read error codes for a 1992 ford tempo gl Answered

does anybody know how to read the check engine soon codes on it



5 years ago

The easiest way is to use a scan tool/code reader but if that is not available there is a way to read the codes by counting the flashes of the check engine light.first you need to locate the self test connector w/6 terminal holes in it(some holes may not contain any wires in the connector) and the single sti wire connector in the engine compartment. These are the same connectors that a scan tool plugs into.now looking at the terminals of the 6 pin connector with wires going away from you, hold it so that 2 terminals are on the top row and 4 terminals are on the bottom row. starting at the left side of top row of 2 terminals, this terminal #1, next one to the right is terminal #2, drop down to the lower row of 4 terminals the far left terminal is #3,next is #4 then #5 and #6 is to the far right of connector. you will find the single sti connector located right near the 6 terminal connector. with the key off, take a 12 volt test light and connect to battery positive terminal and probe terminal #4 of the 6 pin self test connector, then install a jumper wire from the single sti connector and attach it to a good ground. Turn key on and watch the check engine flash or you can watch the test light flash. these should be 2 digit codes, a long flash is the 10's digit and a short flash is the 1's digit (example code #34 would be 3 long flashes and 4 short flashes) hope this helps and i realize you posted this question some time ago, if you need further help let me know.