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how to reapir a monitor lcd type dell m170eg01? Answered

the lcd dell monitor model m170eg01 turns on and off, it seems like if is going to work then it will not
and so on . what would you suggest me to do replace the bunch of condensors i have 4 of 330uf*35v
also 3 of 47uf*50v also i have 1 of 10uf*50v as well also 2 of 470uf*16v and finally i have 2 of 680uf*16 volts these are for the primary side of the power lsupply and for the secondary side as well.
i am guessing the problem is in one of these caps. i do not have a meter to measure capacitance there is no way to find out which one is not working properlly what do you sthink. or wlhich other approach should i take.




8 years ago

Most capacitors have an "X" on top. Some bad ones will bulge at the "X".

Check the power supply for a start - when it works, and then when it doesn't
Is the DISPLAY shutting down, or its backlight  ?