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how to recycle Tassimo T-discs? (is it do-able?) Answered

you know what i mean? the little disc thingys you just pop in the machine & press the button. BUT, they are to expensive, cappucinos (or however it's spelt) are £ 3 for 8 drinks :(.  so, I was wondering if there is a way to recycle them. just to clarify, Tassimo is a cofee mavchine from bosch


I dont actually like the "milk" pods for Tassimo. Tastes disgusting. I'd rather dump them and put my own cream/milk in the for any lattes I make. So what the point in buying the latte packs? There is none, but if I can refill them with my own milk.. I'd continue to buy atleast another pack just to have the empty pods.

I have refilled used Tassimo Nabob Columbian pods with some success. I first cut an oval hole in the foil of the pod, well away from the barcode. I use an xacto knife and make the hole about 1/4 x 3/8 inch in size with a smooth curve all the way around so it won't tear. I then hold the pod under a tap, letting water splash into the hole. It's amazing how fast the old grounds flush out, leaving the interior clean. Next I spoon in coffee of my choice (usually Columbian Arabica) until the pod is nearly filled. I have to regularly shake the pod from side-to-side to distribute the coffee. The last step is to cut a patch from a piece of aluminum duct tape, allowing up to 1/4 inch of overlap all the way around the hole. I then remove the adhesive-covering paper and apply the patch. I burnish it with the spoon everywhere it contacts the original foil. The pod is then ready to use. I always get some leakage, unfortunately, but usually I can collect it in my cup by repositioning it. Rarely do any grounds leak out.

Try using this instructable for cloning popular coffee drinks.. If that's what your after too. https://m.instructables.com/id/Coffee-Clones/step6/Mocha-Frappuccino/#

Just use standard cappuccino t discs along with the recipes. I'm trying it soon :)

I presume you mean 'reuse' - because they are plastic - easily recyclable.

To reload them with some sort of instant coffee would sort of defeat the purpose of an instant automatic coffee maker for having to measure the ingredients needed to fill them.

if you indeed just wanted to reuse them, a heat sealed sticker over the top, perhaps some cello-tape; new ingredients, and sealing the hole in the bottom...

again, probably more pain than its worth.

http://www.my-kap.com/MYK/  these guys are selling a product to reuse the kreug containers, and "have a work in progress" for tassimo machines.

its a metal cap that interacts with an existing cup and allows it to be reused.

Note how I posted that 2.5 years ago, they used to have "have a work in progress" for tassimo...nothing yet though.

well I did look at that site, but I couldn't find anything about the version for Tassimo machines

My purpose for reloading them would be to pre-load pods for single cup brewing of Starbucks or Seattles Best cofee. Other people may wish to brew different brands like duncan donuts or whatever.... hopefully the my-kap or similar company will come up with something. Can't use a heat sealing film, since it uses boiling hot water to brew the cofee. If you do find a foil or film youcan use, you would need to print the bar code on it for the machine to read. (tasimo uses a bar code reader to tell it how much hot water to use, and how many different disks to use for various beverages.. i.e. capucino with steamed milk)

Wouldn't be hard to photocopy a barcode from a comparable disk to fake the barcode.

As for sealing - the sealing temperature MELTS the plastic - its heat foil with a layer of plastic designed for those temperatures. The closing time is the only time it will ever see a temperature above boiling point.

Instead of reusing the t-disk, if you want to use your own coffee, get a Melitta 2 cup filter holder and filters. Take a used T-disk carefully cut out the bar-codes with a razor blade and use scotch tape to mount it to the service disk. (the service disk temp is too low. ) You need to use short wide cups. Be careful the first few times you don't want to over flow the cup, or have the holder tip if the cup is too big. Works great.

No they're disposable. If you've bought one of these things you've signed-up to paying money for them and then throwing them away. If you want less expense and waste buy a different machine (but that might cost more initially and be more hassle, which is why people buy the Tassimo things instead...)


well I currently have a one of the other ones where you tamp down the coffee and all, I just thought that there might be like a hack you could do to reuse them.

You can, but you're asking how to use your disposables-consuming device as a non-disposables-consuming device. (when you've got what you want anyway). I don't see the point if you consider your time involved in doing it.


basically, what i want to do is to prepare the discs all at once then use them gradually, do you get that?

Oh yes I know what you want but in the interests of freshness you'd need to seal & store them and it's looking like you'll get as sick of making the things as using the other one.
Anyway... can you see How to make your own coffee pods on the left-hand side of the page?
I'd start there, and look at the left hand side of that page also


Take a look at the right of the page under "Related"