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how to reduce 5v dc to 2.5v dc? Answered

I need to reduce a 5v power supply to 2,5 v for a certain application, I've got a converter that can do it, but want to do it using some electronics
any ideas?


How bout we use a Voltage divider to generate a 2.5 V from 5 V ? Is that a good solution for the question ?




-/\/\/\- 1k



-/\/\/\- 1k -----


| Output across 1k and Gnd


= Gnd --------

Use 4 power diodes in series.  Each one will give you a drop of 0.6V -ish.  Four will give you 5V minus 2.4V = 2.5V near enough.

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shweet, i'll try both, the thing is i've got allot of 5v power from a solar system,using a 7805 regulator,now i want to run a mosquito killer of it,one of these snap crackle pop things, using the 5v to power leds and also pulling 2,5v ro run the device vith a 555 ic, will this work?

One of the simplest ways would be to use a circuit based on a LM317 adjustable voltage regulator. They are simple to use, widely available, and cheap. It is a 3 terminal device like many other linear regulators, but you need to include a coulple extra resistors to set the desired voltage.

The datasheet itself has many sample application circuits, and there are tons on the web as well.