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how to reduce transformer voltage ? Answered

i have a transformer with 24-0-24v/5A ........but i need only 12-0-12v/5A....how do i reduce to get this voltage


Reduce the input voltage. The output will reduce correspondingly.

There are a lot of options, but what do you want the 12V for? - it will probably make a difference. L

If you are running it on 120 vac AND it has 220 vac connection if you connect there it will halve the voltage.

Or you can use the 7812 voltage regulator to drop it down but that might be to much drop for the specs.

There is a way to connect a "bucking" transformer in series and that will bring it down.  Google "bucking transformer" for more details.

Or you could post your question on this forum.  These guys work mainly with old tube equipment and very often have to make an available transformer do where a proper one isn't available anymore.  Navagate to the "Radio Clubhouse" introduce yourself and properly ask for help and you'll get more than you can handle.