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how to remove aluminum foilfrom my new glass stove top? Answered

I got a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of a pan and when I turned the stove on,the aluminum foil  stuck to my new glass stove top.I have scraped and scrubed but haven't removed it.
Does anyone know how I can remove the aluminum foil?



I know this is an old question but this is for anyone else in panic looking for an answer, this method worked for us

We had the same problem

We used a bbq cleaner (can't remember what brand or what kind we just had it lying around)

we sprayed the bbq cleaner on wherever there was melted foil on the stove top, let it sit for around 3 mins and rubbed it off with steel wool (put in a little bit of arm muscle into it aha)... the aluminium foil came off with no scratches

I dont know if this will make a difference but when we did this the stove top was still warm/cooling down when we put the bbq cleaner on

but I don't recommend heating the stove again... just try this method with a cool stove if yours has already cooled down... if it doesn't work when cool maybe try turning the stove on but don't heat it too much I've heard it makes the foil stick even more

good luck


8 years ago

 Apply WD 40 and let it sit  a while to penetrate, wipe it off, apply a little heat, and then a little cold, say from ice cubes, in order to expand and contract the material at different rates.

I suggest vinegar or lemon juice.
Metallic aluminum is very reactive to acids, as you might discover if you try to store tomato-based foods in a metal pan with aluminum foil covering it.

Glass, on the other hand, is very unreactive to acids (except the glass-etching chemical hydrofluoric acid).

After the metal and acid react, you should then be able to dissolve the aluminum acetate or aluminum citrate in hot water.

In absolute extremis, try a strong solution of washing soda, or, ultimately, caustic soda. The alumnium will react violently and dissolve.

We use a single edge razor blade as a scraper to get stuff off our glass top stove.  Used carefully it works great.


8 years ago

Turn the heating element on high and let it come up to temperature. Use the edge of a metal spatula and gently work it under the foil and lift it free.
Use the spatula to remove any remaining residue, then turn off the element and  let it cool.  After it has  cooled, clean the glass with your regular cleaning agent.

Suggestion: Contact the stove's manufacturer and ask them for advice. I suspect you aren't the first customer this has happened to, and they probably have a standard answer. In fact, that answer might be on their website.