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how to remove old paints to the wood, which is thick. i am unable to spend more money? Answered

we painted to the doors continues for more than 30 years every year. the door is 100 years old with good design so please give me the solution with less cost.



There are only 3 ways to remove paint. Abrasive (i.e. Sanding, either with a belt sander or hand sander), Thermal (i.e. Heating and scraping paint layers), or Chemical (i.e. apply stripping chemical and scrape away paint). Since you have many layers of paint, applied over many years, be VERY CAREFUL, as most old paint contained LEAD. You want to remove this with the least amount of dust, so the best method would be to use a heat gun or a chemical remover. The cost depends on what you have, or what is available to you, but no method will be free (unless you have a heat gun). Check around, maybe you can borrow a heat gun from someone you know, or you can try to rent one from a company.

By the way, you CAN use a heat gun on Lead paint as long as the temperature stays below 590°C or 1100°F.

A lot of refinishers are using steam or hot water applied with rags. It's even good for lead bearing paint since it doesn't create any dust. Use rubber gloves.

The traditional method is to burn it off with a blowlamp, or hot air gun. This is very skilled work, and must not be done if there is a suspicion of the paint containing lead.