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how to remove pimples and acne? Answered


Do your best to stay clean. Keep your skin free from extra dirt and oils, but do not attempt to achieve a dry and desert-like feeling. You need oils to prevent flaky and scaly skin. Acne is a result of your body trying to balance new hormone levels.

Diet- many people discover that lots of sugar and starch and yeast in their foods aggravates acne. Whereas a diet that is mainly all vegetables and meats and nuts will reduce the severity of acne.

Some people report that taking Ibuprofen or Advil helps reduce acne, too, but it is also hard on your liver over time.

A product called Ivy Dry for poison ivy can help spot-reduce some pimples; you need to use a tiny bit for it to work. The same can be said for toothpaste, too. Just a tiny bot applied over night....over 2-4 days should help.

I have found, also, that steroid creme from the doctor clears-up acne, too. Usually steroid cremes are meant to treat rashes and allergies. But they can also reduce inflammation of pimples, too.

Just make sure you are reducing the sugars and yeast from the 'inside,' and also keeping the outside clean as well....
After about 5 honest weeks of trying, if there are no results, speak with your doctor about steroid cremes.

go to the doctor, he knows some medicine to stop it. i use minocycline, it works.

damp part of a paper towel with hydrogen poroxide then rub it all ver your face right before you go to bed then when you get up in the morning most of the pimples should have dried up and just keep doing that i do that routine every day cuz i have extremly bad acne


8 years ago

popping a pimple just gives you a scar, if you want something cheep  use witch hazel ( similar to rubbing alchohol) and gently put some on the pimple with a cotton swab. also just keep your hands away from your face because the oil from your hands can cause the pimples. regular showers basicly prevents pimples ( im not saying you dont shower its just because of the topic).

slowly, using a warm cloth rub the pimple, it will probably break the head and it should realease a little puss or some oils.

What ever you do dont pop them with your finger the oil from your finger releases into the popped pimple and it can get infected and it will start growing back and you will have the case of the perpetual pimple (trust me i have had personal experience) so try to keep your hands away from your face because like xail said to much oil and you break out again

how did i know i would find you here of all places/:)


9 years ago

What has worked for me may not work for others, but: I simply used a hot (caution: too hot, and you will burn yourself. Use heat with care!), moist towel at the location of my pimples, holding it there for several moments, then rubbing for a few seconds to release the blocked in oils there. No soap was used on this cloth, nor were other chemical solutions. Sometimes, simple is better. :) Keep in mind, there needs to be a balance of moisture and oils to your face. Too dry, and it's bad. Too oily, and you break out, too. Soap generally dries your skin out. Hope this helps you out. :)