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how to remove the spray paint in my motorcycle rim.? Answered

I WANT TO repaint it .. i



pb blaster spray on wait minnet wipe off repeat

What is the rim made of?

What is the paint base?

How old is the paint?

Do you have a pick?

Some stripers are acidic and can damage the rims metal permanently.

Paint thinner is better depending on the age of the old paint and heat exposure.

Try napa gas then varsol and so on until you find one that softens the dry paint.

Soak the rim in paint thinner for about twenty to sixty minutes and check it a couple hours later or in the morning.

If the paint wrinkles use that thinner and a rag to peel off the paint, should come off in sheets like wallpaper if the paint is thick enough.

If the paint is not wrinkled when you check it try a different thinner.



3 years ago

Why can't you just paint over it?