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how to repair a copper kettle? Answered

i have bought a copper kettle through ebay, but found that it has a split seam which leaks at the bottom of the spout. I cant solder it as solder is lead an not safe for consumption. Any advice would be welcome, thanks.


Use non lead solder, its mainly tin and copper...

I wouldn't use it. I'd buy a $5 kettle at your friendly-neighborhood box store. Use that when actually boiling water and just keep the copper kettle out as decoration. Copper isn't good for your liver.

Tin based 'sliver solder' might work. Lead based flows more easily. If there is a folded seam that has opened up you could try to tap it together. A heat safe epoxy might work, but I'd trust the lead solder more : )

A little bit of lead won't hurt you (copper isn't too healthy either). How is the spout attached to the kettle? L