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how to repair a window? Answered

hey there, my window stucks, it doesnt open..its a normal 2 winged window and the spot where it stucks lies in the middle of right window, on the upper side.
when i want to open it the lower part responds but the upper one is hopeless, i dont know how to fix that one? oh the brand is called internorm.
thx guys


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8 years ago

Step 1- Hire a professional.


8 years ago

Since the manufacturers are still in bi'dness, why not contact them and see what solution they offer.

My parents got replacement windows about 20 years ago.  3-4 years ago half of them started fogging up.  Called the mfg and they sent out replacements for the replacements.  Free of charge.

Might be worth a try.


Answer 8 years ago

you see the hook on the second picture in the front? that one seems to be stuck... ??

2010-07-02 19.04.59.jpg2010-07-02 19.05.42.jpg2010-07-02 19.05.48.jpg

8 years ago

Your problem could be caused by one of two common situations and one less common but possible situation.

1. The upper is painted shut. Years and years of painting without thought to opening the upper has essentially "glued" the window frame into its tracks.
(many people never use the upper window and so get careless when painting...)

The solution here is the break that seal. At first glance, it seems easy enough, just run a utility knife (with a nice sharp new blade installed) along the seams both on the since AND on the outside of the window to release the paint adhesion.

Personally, while it works in many cases, I've found that in some situations, you really have to work at it, because shrinkage over time leaves a large gap between the window and its frame, into which a large quantity of paint can flow...patience and thoroughness is key to getting it to release.

2. So now you've done step one and the darned thing still doesn't move. Hmmm. You're almost out of patience, and if it doesn't move soon, you're likely to hurl a heavy object thru it in frustration.

Ok, here's why it often won't move even after throughly cutting thru the paint.

Some bozo went and nailed or worse, screwed the damn thing shut.

The solution here is a bit more difficult, because often times, the same bozo who failed to replace his/her sash cord and chose to nail it shut instead also went to the added trouble of hiding his/her fix by sinking and filling the nail.

The solution? strip the window about an inch from the track and examine carefully fore evidence of nailing or screwing.Again, check both inside and outside. Start on the inside, since many of these half-assed fixes are done in colder months and so from the inside, although I've seen quite a few done from the outside, so it's not a done deal until that window releases... Anyway, do the inside, check for movement, and then, if it still refuses, do the outside.

3. the upper was never meant to be opened and will not do so. I be;live some of the newer windows have this shortcoming, although I know nothing about your particular brand.

Have you contacted them for advise?


8 years ago

Yes what a shiny website...
UPVC alert!
Can you post pictures? it would help.