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how to replace a GE WR57X10032 Dual Solenoid Water Valve with Guard? Answered

I have a leak in the side of the valve. the valve is the one that the waterline connects into and 2 lines come out 1 goes to the icemaker and the other goes to the water dispencer. any help would be great!!



8 years ago

This valve  is often replaced and so is available in many places on the internet and can be gotten locally if you have an appliance parts store or can get GE sales to order you one.  Should only cost $30 or so.

To replace, turn off the water supply valve at the wall.  And unplug the power cord from the wall socket.

The two lines going into the top of the unit are pressed in and probably can be pulled out.  You need to mark them so you can get them back in the right outlet. It they are locked in too tight carefully cut them off close to the top of the unit.  The other line should be a compession nut. Just unscrew it. 

Have some towels handy since some small amount of water may leak out.

Remove the mounting screws and pull the slip on power connectors off.  Notice which color wire is on which terminal.  I doubt that it makes any difference but it won't hurt to be that careful.

Set the leaker aside and put the slip on power terminals on the new unit.  connect the supply line and tighten the compression fitting per the instructions in the box.

Clean up the ends of the cut lines so that the edges are smooth and don't have burrs.  Push them into the correct fitting and pull back on them just enough to lock in place.

Turn on the water valve at the wall and check for leaks.  If there are none then reinstall the mounting screws and it's done.  You might as well plug in the ref. and try out the water dispenser just to make sure you did get the diverter lines back on right.  Otherwise when the ice maker fills up you'll get water out the dispenser and Ice tray water when you want a drink.

If everything works close up the back of the ref. and have youself a beer. Or soda pop.


8 years ago

If this is connected to a pressurised water supply and it has failed mechanically / structurally you need to replace it.