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how to replace calking in bathtub? Answered

Bathtub has got old dried calking ... mold comes back and water may be getting behind tiles around bathtub.


As per the other two replies, but fill the tub with water before you reseal the caulk, this stops stresses causing cracks in the caulk joints. Don't smooth the caulk with your fingers - the pro trick I've used for years is to shape a piece of raw potato to the right profile and use that to set the caulk. I also tape both sides of the joint with masking tape lines, strike the caulk to the right shape, then pull the tape before the caulk cures. The lines are then beautifully straight.

The "caulking" is usually silicon sealer.

First remove the existing sealer, peeling off most of it and using a very sharp knife-blade to remove the rest.

Make sure the whole area to be sealed is bone dry, as well as dust and grease free.

Re-seal with the propriety silicon sealer of your choice. Check your local DIY or hardware store - it is available in a variety of tubes to suit your needs.

Allow at least 24 hours (check sealer instructions for exact timings) before using the bath after sealing.

The key to replacing is to remove all of the old caulking. At first use a utility knife (or any kind of blade) to get rid of the big chunks. You'll then need some kind of solvent (white spirits or actual silicone remover if its silicone). You need to clean the area totally. I also suggest using a piece of right angle bordering just to make sure that no water can get into any gaps.