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how to replace posts on a pergola? Answered

we are fixing up our old pergola and need to replace the posts, it is quite high so the posts are long and I have dug out the holes that the posts stand in and found it was just soil and at the base of the post there is some screening or crushed rock. Where do I go from here???



This may not be a job for DIY job. To replace the post you are going to have to temporarily support ALL of the load that the post carries on temp. bracing. If you are a beginner how are you going to know if you're supporting all of the load and that your temp. bracing is strong enough? That said, what needs to happen is you buy a replacement post the same thickness and material and a little longer than the post you're replacing. You will trim it to fit in place. Install the temp. bracing to carry the load. Remove the post. This might require cutting the post. Install the new post in the exact manner as the original. If the joint was cut to fit the that's what you have to do. You have to attach the new post exactly like the old post so that all of the weight is carried by the post. Now you can take out the temp. bracing and sit down in the shade and have a cold bev. of you choice. (If it didn't fall down in the process) Good luck.

I don't know where you are, but in the UK, we can buy "repair" posts, which are steel posts which go in the ground, with a socket to drop the trimmed off old post into on the top.