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how to repurpose/recycle cotton futons? Tho good, can anyone suggest something besides 'cut it in half for dog beds'? Answered


I set a futon aside so that I could toss it in the bed of the truck and go camping. I have a topper to use as the "tent". My thought was that I'd make a raised platform for the futon with drawers underneath so I could access supplies I need while camping.

Foam is very expensive, sell it. Or make throw pillows. This past week, I was given a beautiful love seat, but the backing and seats were lifeless, so I inserted lots of foam from a futon mattress to perk it up and sold it for $75.00.
I have 2 futon frames, 1 all metal the other metal and wood. The metal I will be some how adding metal legs and make a really nice bed frame with metal headboard and footboard. The other is going to be sides to a plain chair.

You could always use it in the garden. I made a double reclining garden lounger this summer from a futon base & the timber from a couple of old pallets. If it has a canvas cover you can easily shower proof it but as long as you it isn't left out in the rain for too long even a simple cotton cover will survive very well if left out to air when damp. A friend of mine uses an old futon when camping out at bike rallies, it gets folded into the boot of the car (he can no longer ride but loves to get out to see all his old mates & have a bit of fun) & everything else goes on top.

also great ideas, though solid cotton-filled futons don't do moisture too well.
Have three now, and they're pretty heavy...


7 years ago

Make new "cotton yarn"

thanx! simple and obvious; wish i'd thought of it !