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how to run 2 amplifiers in stereo? Answered

Hello,I have 2 marshall jcm 800 amps and 2 4x12 cabinets,how do you hook them up so it will be in stereo? I have the stereo cabinets.thanks!


Do you not simply need to run the left channel to one amp & stack, and the right channel to the other amp & stack? Sounds like a simple wiring job? L

I'm assuming that each individual amp is stereo. If this is the case, one would use the common ground and hook up the right to one amp, and the left to the other. In other words, there would be two wires going to each amp. The ground and the signal wire whether it be left or right.

no,the marshal amps are not stereo amps. I need to know how to get thr stereo sound.I have 2 4x12 cabinets as well and the cabs are stereo or mono,they have a switch on the back.

. Are the Marshalls mono or stereo?