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how to run alternate operating systems? Answered

How to run alternate operating systems on samsung cellphones and digital point and shoot cameras?



5 years ago

If it's an android based phone you can get different "flavors" of android to run. Start with cyanogen mod or something.

Last I heard there wasn't much in the way of alternate camera os's other than one for DSLR's.

The phone is not aneroid, it is a crappy flip phone. Is there no way of running something like a stripped down version of Linux?

You can't run an alternate OS on a camera.
It will depend on what smart phone you have and what OS it's running as to weather there is an alternate OS available for it and if it can be dual booted.

Try searching Google. There's not a lot of pure software stuff on this site.

What OS were you planning on running? The camera will only run custom camera sofware, you can't just install any OS on them. The phone is similar, there are certain components and features it probably needs to have to run different OS's.