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how to run starforce protected game? Answered

i installed CRC 2005 game today but it's not worked, because starforce error pop up and it's a empty massage .

i tried starforce update tool and removal tool but both didn't  work

and i tried some crack file,another error shows java script wrong.

Anyone know how to run a game without this starforce protection ?

i think good programmers know how to do this ...

pls... i want to play this game 



4 years ago

Buy the game, bootleg copies seldom work properly and often infect your computer with viruses, malware and/or rootkits.

So you want to crack the copy protection on a game so you can play it without paying for it? Sorry but i will not help to illegally bypass copy protection. If you really want to play the game then isn't it worth paying for?

Re-read my earlier statement.

Many people spent a lot of time and money to develop that game you want to steel. Don't you think they desearve something for their hard work?