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how to send ups signal to long distance through a mobile or pc (with internet)? Answered

i want to use my UPS to know my home power failure, when i'm at office(its like 50 km distance). please submit detailed diagram. 


Odds are that if you lose home power, you will probably also lose Internet access.

If you can overcome that, all you need is a UPS with a programming interface, and a program you write to poll that interface on a regular basis and send changes to your office via e-mail or by posting to your website. Simple Matter Of Programming. You may even be able to find a UPS which comes with software that already has the ability to fire off a program when power fails or is restored, which would leave you just needing a simple command-line-driven mailer, which you can find many examples of if you search the web a bit.

Be sure to plug your modem and/or router into the UPS and your Internet should stay up when the power goes out.

As I recall, The major mfgs make UPSes for this purpose already.

UPS's commonly come with a serial or USB port to connect to a computer - then just install the software that comes with the ups and enter the notify options - 'send text/phone call/fax/email' when power goes out...