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how to set up a rc for a device?if i have a boat how can i modify it such that i can cntrol it using a remote/joystick Answered

i have a project to make and my prof has asked me to make this boat which can be controlled using a joystick...and i have no idea how to set up the radio control..plz tell me how to do it..how to control the boat using a joystick???


In addition to the boat (which presumably has a rudder already) you'll need a motor with a propeller, a transmitter, a receiver, a servo, a speed controller of some kind, and a battery pack to run the whole thing. The speed controller controls the motor, the servo controls the rudder. It's all pretty straightforward.

Thanks a lot for replyin!!!  do i get the reciever,transmitter directly in a store?? and wats a servo?/

A servo is a little motor that plugs into the receiver, and moves back and forth to make moving parts like boat rudders, ailerons, steering systems, etc, work. You can get an R/C starter kit that includes a transmitter and receiver, plus a couple of servos, at any RC hobby shop. They will also carry speed controllers, linkages and all the other stuff you might want. If you tell the shop folks what you're making, they can help you pick out the best parts for your needs. If you have the boat already, take it with you and show them.