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how to set wire router as wifi wireless resever? Answered

i got problem to set wire as wifi wireless receiver should i connect it with axispoint to make it wireless , the router was made 2008 and how to set it as wireless reserve i want to use router due to the distance is long and my laptop is only 45 meter i just want to know does the wireless router could be wireless or just use the wireless one  



5 years ago

If the router is a wired router then it doesn't have WiFi so it can't be used as a wi-fi receiver. If the router is a WiFi router then you should be able to use it as an access point. Your broken English and inability to punctuate is making it difficult to understand what your problem is.

My best guess is that the WiFI access point your trying to connect to is a good distance away. Like your trying to use a fee access point down the street from your house but it's out of range. If that is the case then your out of luck. Your router isn't going to give you any better range than your laptop unless you have a specialized antenna attached to it. The Access point would also need a similar antenna attached to it as well.