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how to share internet from ur laptop to a samsung tv? Answered

ok i just bought a samsung LN52B750 52" 1080p LCD HDTV like 4 month ago and i am wondering if i can some how share internet from my wireless vista laptop to my tv just wondering if this is even posible and the only way this tv is able to u internet is with an Ethernet cable by the way my tv is way far from my router so i cant just plug my tv to the router.


Do you mean how do you use it as a large screen for your laptop? I do this all the time! Just see if you television has a VGA input, get a VGA cable, plug one end in to your laptop and the other end into the TV, and BAM your done. (Ithink it's called VGA, that's what it says on my TV. Here is a picture of the cable to help:


How is the laptop getting internet? It might be easier to run a wire from the router to the tv directly. Either way...you can share your wireless internet to the wired ethernet port and cable the laptop to the tv - but that seems a waste of effort.

ok u said theres a way how do u do it ill try it even if it is a waste of time i got a lot of time.

connect to wireless with laptop connect tv to laptop physically with an ethernet cable Select both wired and wireless connections on 'network' or 'network connections' in xp or vista right click> Bridge connections.

Your TV uses its ethernet port to recieve DLNA information and so you need to see what devices in your house have the capability to output this. Hopefully your Laptop can output this - you can check it on the DLNA website. If so, then it is just a case of getting the Laptop to talk to the TV. I would hard-wire your TV to your router and then set the router to bridge between the WAN (where your laptop is) and its LAN (where your TV is). But if your Laptop cannot output DLNA data then you are stuck with conventionally connecting it to your TV via either the VGA connection or maybe your laptop has HDMI output?

Looks like you've got a nice tv there. You can do this by setting up your laptop as a network and sharing with the tv plugged in directly to the e-port on the laptop. (Probably.) What OS is your laptop running? It does have an e-port doesn't it?

Maybe a better way would be to just get a wireless router and use that to connect the tv and the internet router. Without knowing the tv or having it to play with I don't know if that would work or not.