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how to shoot in this style anyone? Answered



would anyone know how to replicate this style of photo at home without proffesional equipment? its just for fun, i have a digital canon ixus, photoshop and a white wall!



10 years ago

From the look of the shadows, that's just a single direct flash, probably hand held about 8-10 inches above the camera (with an extension cable.) No umbrella or softbox, etc. Using a white background, of course. You could try a simple flash diffuser, of course, which would soften the lighting slightly. But the obvious intent was NOT to soften it much--i.e., they are going for a harder, paparazzi f/x. Incidentally, you can "reverse engineer" almost any lighting setup just by examining it closely...


10 years ago

You can do it yourself but you will end up bodging equipment that is like the pro stuff. Essentially, you need a large source of diffuse white light. This can be a lightbox, a flash aimed at a white wall, large white board or inside of a white umbrella, a fluorescent strip light... use your imagination and the resources you have. Exactly where to light from depends on what look you are going for, it looks like those examples were lit from front-above, front and the sides. You can experiment to find the style you want or read a blog such as DIYPhotography to read about the theory.

If you are using external flashes you will need some way to synchronise them to the camera, some come with a light sensor to trigger them from the camera's own flash (but you are tied to using the camera's own flash for doing this). Constant light sources don't have this problem.

Make sure your camera has a manual mode or at least adjustable exposure, because shooting in front of a white wall will confuse your camera's auto mode and make it underexpose the photo.

hi there. yes i have adjustable exposure. thats great thanks pkm ill give it a go