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how to solve a rubik's cube? Answered

what is the fastest posible way to solve a rubik's cube without cheating.


My friend's dad is a mathematician, and he tried to teach us how to do it by telling the algorithm in which the next step depends on way you see in colour 1,2,3,4,5,6 at the moment - quite a terrifying experience - I didn't manage to understand anything at all, any my friend can do most of it, but he had a MUCH longer go on her :)

Once many moons ago in the first flush of the cube I was given a way to solve it. I translated this into a number of abbreviated codes so I could put in in my pocked diary and play with the intention of learning it off by heart during my next Foreign trip.

In the Hotel I went down to the bar the first evening, Standing at the bar I took out my cube and diary, laying the diary on the news paper I had been reading which was laying on the bar.#

I proceeded to start to solve the cube looking every once in a while at the diary to see what the next step was. A guy at the other side of the round bar came over after a while proclaiming

" Hey this guy (me) is really good - not only can he solve the Rubik cube he can do it whilst reading the news paper."

I didn't have the heart to dissolution him.

No idea about the fastest way other than practice but this shows HOW to solve it - But then if you know the (an) answer what's the point of the puzzle.


There really is only one solution, but the method can be very structured and linear, or a few shortcuts that perform 2+ moves at the same time to solve multiple problems at the same time.