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how to spy on police radio? Answered

how can I spy on the Police Radio, or any Group that using any radio waves to contact with each others.
I need a simple way to make a device to be used to spy on the police radio.


hi guys ! what‘s you want to do!

+1. Note that is is NOT illegal in many areas to listen in on unencrypted police, fire, & emergency frequencies. If you can find one on that link that CameronSS provided, it won't be illegal for you to listen.

Also note that a so called "police scanner" on eBay will not decrypt signals for you. They are simply pre-programmed with known public frequencies.

Sneak up on a police car and press your ear firmly against the window whenever the officers inside use their radios.

Aside from that, eavesdropping on police frequencies is (a) illegal in many areas and (b) pointless, because all you'll hear is encrypted digital noise.

In the UK, beat police are as likely to use a mobile phone as a radio anyway.

Not actually true, they use a scrambled system called Tetra/ Airwave.
It LOOKS like a mobile phone though.

Yes, but it can call EVERYone in their group and things like that.


good luck getting a scanner that can decrypt and receive those frequencies

Your best bet is to either get a scanner like The Ideanator suggested or to buy a ham radio that can receive those frequencies, however you will need a license depending on what you buy and where you live. Luckily in the US police radios are unencrypted and can be received by anyone with a radio in the 2 meter band (roughly 140-160 mhz).

This does not mean they're legal for portable use in all areas, however. And remember, anything can be construed to be a "burglarous implement" if you're caught with it near the scene of a crime without a Good Reason to be carrying it.

I believe all emergency services radio comms in first-world metropolitan areas are scrambled for obvious reasons (just in case - security and data protection)

Buy a police scanner, they're on ebay for around $100 (a definite investment if you're planning some sort of robbery, heist, or general madness and mayhem)