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how to stop a dog from constant scratching? Answered

It's not fleas just constantly scratching. The time of year don't matter.


my dogd vet has put him on a turkey and sweet potato diet for this problem


8 years ago

I also agree. Allergies in dogs almost always present themselves in the skin and coat. A LOT of dogs have food sensitivities. Buy a better quality food without grains (grain allergy very common) Try Blue Buffalo or Nutro I know they're more expensive but it could be a great relief and extend the life of your friend.

Oh, forgot to add. To soothe the skin give the dog an oatmeal bath. You can buy Aveeno oatmeal bath at CVS, Walmart, Target, etc.... Good luck!

He probably has an allergy. Could be food, carpet, the other dogs, the cat or anything maybe even you. Take the dog to a vet. If the vet doesn't help him find another vet. My dog is alergic to something in the grass in the spring so he has to get cortosone shots. That helps and we also give him benedril between shots. Good luck to you and your dog. Talk to your vet and get this dog some help. It's not making either of you happy.

Agreed. People often think that both dogs and cats are immune to the common problems humans suffer from, but the truth is, our animal friends suffer from them as well, allergies, "colds", asthma, eye and ear problems, skin issues outside allergies (dry skin for instance), sore muscles, arthritis, etc. They're just more stoic about it...