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how to stop dogs rolling in pooh? Answered



From the point of view of a dog, like orksecurity said, it would think to cover up it's bad scent by rolling on 'poo' or anything else that would work.

You could wash it before walks, train it, or send it to a dog school.

Hope this helps!

Dogs are filthy animals, if you let them be that way. You need to exercise control over your dog by making it very clear that you are the "top dog" and that they do as you say. It's a long-term training thing, no easy answers. See if you can find anyone running training sessions?


It makes perfect sense from a dog's point of view. It's a residual form of an old instinct to roll in herbivore dung to disguise their (predator) scent.

I agree with both the preceding points: Don't give them the opportunity, and take the time to teach them that this isn't permitted.

If you're letting your dog run around off-leash... Don't. At least not until this is settled.

Well, as a start I suggest getting rid of the "poo" as soon as it's made.

 Winnie the pooh?