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how to stop flow of electricity within a period of time? Answered

the concept of the circuit is, when electricity is applied to the circuit, it will stop the flow of electricity in 10 minutes. after 10 minutes the flow of electricity from the circuit to the load will be normal. for example my load is a refrigirator, when house electricity cuts off, as soon as the electricity is back, the refrigirator will not work within 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, it will be normal. any idea guys? any help would be very appreciated.


Buy an off-the-shelf "on-delay timer" like this

You will need a relay to go with that, because its contacts won't take the starting current of the refrigerator.

Something like this.


You can buy the gear on Ebay, or you could take the pictures to your local electrical contractor supply house.

Wiring should be very easy, but if you are not sure, just get a practicing electrician to make it up for you. I can give you a schematic.

thank you for your help steveastrouk can i have a copy of your schematic?

Sure, but it'll take me a little time to work it up. I realised after I posted that the timer I "chose" only works up to 99 seconds, and you want 600...I'll find one with a minute scale not seconds later.

Try this for the timer:


thanks for the help man, i will try it later

That's called a start delay or switch on delay. You can buy ready made components for that. Or combine a NE555 monoflop with a relay.

thanks verence but i have to make a circuit on my own..do you have an example of schematic diagram of that circuit?