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how to survive a nuclear war Answered

anybodywant to collaborate on this ible im gunna start working on it again


All you need to do is build a rocket and have large quantities of food and water as well as life support systems. Then when the war starts, launch yourself towards mars with some other people and hope to start a colony. :D If that doesn't work make a massive underground nuclear fallout shelter and live there forever.

Haven't played it so i wouldn't know

Be born a cockroach?

Did you see the myth that cockroaches would rule the earth after a nuclear war? they busted that.

its on mythbusters. They found out that other insects can last better than cockroaches in a nuclear war.

. Resistance to radiation is only one part of the equation.
. Quantity - there are a lot of cockroaches. "There are about 4,000 species of cockroach..."1
. Distribution - cockroaches are everywhere. "Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world."1
. Environment - cockroaches tend to hang out in protected places.
. Hardiness - "Some species are capable of remaining active for a month without food ... Some can go without air for 45 minutes ... "1
. While not the most radiation-resistant insect, the cockroach does stand a good chance of inheriting the Earth. Looks like the common fruit fly is in the running. Most mammals are out.


Here is a hint: Wear a lead padded suit.

For some strange reason, I have NO idea why, but when I first glanced at your comment I thought it said to wear a leopard print suit. Maybe it's just because I'm very very tired....

Step 1: Evolve into cockroaches Step 2: Wait Step 3: Live the good life.

Have you seen mythbusters? They busted the myth that cockroaches would rule the earth after a nuclear war.

Its obvious they'll settle for a democracy......

Aw, I see I have been beaten to it numerous times.......Oh well.....

Live in a lead house, surrounded by cockroaches.

step one, Head to your nearest Vault-Tec vault and live in comfort Step two. pass your GOAT test Step three. Go follow your father (played by liam neeson) step four, get mauled by these


i love fallout 3 I got marrig councler on goat

i skip the goat... but also i must add, i for one welcome our new deathclaw leaders

you dont the the supermutant bahemoths will rule :P

i think we hijacked the thread a little

deathclaws beat the behemoths (go look on youtube) being as their attack ignores armour

Don't let the opposition see "the big board" L

you wanna collab?

If you've got some good ideas yes, I'm in. But I need something to get involved with: what have you got at the moment? L

ok ill pm you the link and add you to collaborators

Step 1: Determine what you want your last meal to be. Step 2: Eat it, because you're screwed.

wasn't it... Step 1: Place your head between your knees. Step 2: Get a firm grip around your legs so you can reach back and kiss your...world goodbye?

. ROFL. I used to have that poster (slightly different wording at the end), back in the '70s. I don't remember if it was UV-reactive or not, but it probably was. ;)

you want to collaborate?