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how to take of a lawnmower blade with a stripped bolt? Answered

i have to sharpen my lawnmowers blade but the bolt wont come com i tried vice grips socket wrenches an even trying to get it of with a torch but none work any suggestions


Are you trying to loosen in the correct direction? It is not uncommon for these to be left hand rather than right hand bolts.

this will destroy the bolt but my guess is that you wont use it again. first drill out the bolt and use ez-outs to extract the bolt. ez-outs are like drill bits with reverse threads I have a set and love them.

I should think these are designed to self-tighten as the blades spin (rather than loosen and fall off), so I can appreciate it's stuck hard. WD40? Pailing it with a hammer Heat (as you've tried) Socket and long handle. L