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how to transfer the xbox 360 disc drive key to a new drive? Answered

ok, so basically i have an xbox 360 elite- the old one. the disc drive doesnt work so i bought a new one which is exactly the same model - a phillips liteon. i need to transfer the disc drive key to the new one but can't see many clear instructions. http://beta.ivancover.com/wiki/index.php/Xbox_360_Lite-On_DG16D2S_Extract_Key <-- that website has alot of info but is quite confusing and seems like a very long process. i wouldnt mind making a simple circuit board as long as i knew what to do. anyone know how i can transfer the key? thanks


1. If this is simply a laser gone bad or the motor is losing power:

If you have the same drive, you can take the board of the no longer working drive and transfer it to the new drive. The key is part of the drives motherboard.

2. If your motherboard on the broken drive is the issue:

More or less your screwed. I havent attempted any of the hacks to connect and pull keys, but as stated above probably cant be accessed if thats the broken part of the drive.

Hope that helps.

If you bought the software with the machine, you should be covered. What does Microsoft say?


well its well past it's warranty so i'm not going to bother with calling microsoft as they will most likely charge me quite alot and keep me waiting. its not that the cd drive in there is completely broken, it can still play cd's and dvd's. when i put a game in, it comes up as a dvd so doesnt play. could i just replace the laser?

It's not a warranty issue. If you bought the software with the machine, that is now unusable because of a hardware failure, you should still be supported (for the key)


If the old drive doesn't work, you probably aren't going to be able to get the key information transferred over...?