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how to turn a fightstick into a mouse for pc? Answered

how to turn a fightstick/arcadestick into a mouse for pc? I have a few spare stick that I would love to use as mouse to ease the pressure on my palm



4 years ago

Three ways to tackle this, It really depends on your Electronic Exp...

Easiest (*and recommended*) way would be a software emulator. Unfortunately the one I used to use has been discontinued. I heave heard of Logitech gaming-software but have never used it myself. Just punch "Joystick to mouse Emulator" into Google and find one that comes from a reputable site (Avoid the sketchy ones right?) It will allow you to use the joystick to directly control your cursor, and allow you to map the extra buttons on the joy stick as Keyboard strokes.

Second is to Use a pre-made Human Interface Device (HID)


This little guy here will allow you to pull out the Circuit board inside the Joystick and directly interface with the components inside.

Third (and possibly the coolest!) is to remove the Joystick's Handle and mount a gyroscope inside (like in your smart phone) This will take some time and alot of research, but will give you a more natural feel. To do this one you will need to be able to program an Arduino. Let me know if you want to go this route and I'll fill you in. It's a few paragraphs on it's own !


Answer 4 years ago

whoa, this is way over my head, but I really appreciate the reply.
luckily someone directed me to joytokey.net

took me about 30 minutes to fumble around, but I did it =D


Answer 4 years ago

Yeah that's Exactly the Emulator you need, Thanks for the Reference like !