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how to turn a mountain bike into a snowplow bike? Answered

i have a mountain bike that needs some year round riding so it is up to you poeple to help me out here. i thought of increasing the traction with zipties.


The problem you'll encounter is lack of weight and traction on the bike to make an effective snow plow. You'll have to keep the plow small. You'll have to keep it down to just an inch or 2 wider then your tires. So you won't be able to get through anything over a couple of inches. If the snow is as high as you pedals at there lowest position you won't be able to get through it.

+1 - not enough traction to move any significant amount of snow


Check out bicycle snow plow on youtube or #bicyclesnowplow on twitter

Do you actually want to plough snow, or do you just want to be able to ride in deeper snow than you currently can?

my grandpa owns a buiseness that plows snow and i injured my back last year. i am part of that buiseness.

I see, but, do you actually want to plough snow, or do you just want to be able to ride in deeper snow than you currently can?

i want to plow with it

I'm afraid that you're onto a loser, there.

It doesn't matter what you do to the tyres, you are just not going to get enough grip with your weight on the bike and a contact area about half of one of your own footprints.

As soon as any mounted blade hits even a small drift, the bike will jar to a halt and spin its back wheel.

If you are wanting to do small amounts of ploughing why not modify a small ride-on lawnmower?

ice spiker tire works great, especially with noslip tire chains. Plenty of traction to pull 42" plow in 6" of snow once you get going. 3" or less snow is easy to start from a stop.

25" will tunnel through two foot drifts if you get a good run at it and also chips ice

because i can't without freezing my but off


5 years ago

what if i put a homemade v-plow on it

I don't think that the mountain bike is a good fit for an attempt at
what you're trying to do.
Why not try using an adult trike? that way you'll have two wheels
for traction. Also the gearing will probably have to be modified
to give you lots of torque to push the snow. Then too, you want to be able to
pedal forwards AND backwards as you push the snow, so the trike
will make back pedaling easier.
Replace the trike front wheel with a small plow . Mount adjustable
height lawn mower wheels on each side of the plow ,so you
can adjust plow height.
I like your zip tie idea. Maybe using pieces of rubber tubing
attached with zip ties will increase traction even more.

Also mount a container above the back axle of the trike so
you can fill it with snow to give yourself a bit more weight,
for better traction. Make the container removable,so when
your done plowing,you can remove it and put
a salt spreader in it,s place. Salt spreader would run
off back axle drive somehow.