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how to turn analog video into digital dvd? Answered

I have old camcorder analog tapes I would like put onto dvd. I tried dept. store software twice and it didn't work.


Get a TV Tuner card and install it on your PC. Record your video into avi files on your PC. Then, get some DVD-authoring freeware, online, and burn discs from your PC.

Buy a DVD burner that you hook to your TV. You can play the tape machine into it and generate DVD's the same quality as the video comming out of the camera. I just did that to save programs off my tivo and tried a few of what you are wanting to do and love it. It will make your dvd's as fast as you can play the tape. If you shop around you should be able to get a good unit for $100. Woot.com just had refurbished models of the same one that I bought for $35 each. I did the software and capture card in my computer and NEVER got anywhere near the quality I get now. Good luck.

Yep, I have a DVR with a built-in DVD recorder that can do that. It's made by Philips. It works well for standard-def TV, and should work fine for grabbing video from your camcorder (in fact, it's marketed for that use as well).

Do you live near a Costco or Sam's Club? I know the Costco photo department now offers this as a service (just used it myself).

See here for more information:

There are several other cheaper alternatives on the net such as this one: http://www.nettapes.com/index.aspx
But I can't speak to those in terms of quality and reliability.

Good luck!