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how to turn off family safety without logging into the monitors user account? Answered

hey i'm bella, 16 year old girl gamer that only wants to play wizard101 but my dad installed family safety into my laptop that now wont let me do anything, and my dad is never here so I cant get the password for it, so how can I get family safety off my laptop or some how restart my laptop to get the program off it? please answer me.


I know how GOD DANG ANOYING it is. Im only 11 and i want to program a FREAKING MODEL ROCKET LAUCHER but i can't. Do not try to use arduino with it. It really screws up your compiler.

There are several ways I can think of to remove it, but mpilchfamily makes a good point- it was put there for a reason.

You could do a partition, but if you screw up, you lose everything. You could boot off of a different device, but then you would have nothing. You could disable the program from the command line, but that's not easy (and not something anybody can walk you through, really). Any of these would have some effect and some would be a permanent one. You could even brick your computer if you screwed up.

I get you want to play the game, but its honestly easier to just talk to your parents about this one. I know you don't like it, but its the easiest solution (and the safest).

Ask your dad to remove it or add the game to the exceptions list. I'm guessing he installed the software for good reason and would be rather upset if you tried to delete or bypass it without talking to him first.

I suggest you do the adult thing and talk to him about the situation. Actually have a conversation. The alternative may be you get caught and then you loose access to a computer all together for quite some time.

And if he really is never around then a phone call or email will also work in a pinch.

If this is actually a school laptop then you will have to talk to the schools device administrator to remove it as subverting the program in this case would be a crime under the EULA or other similair contract you agreed to upon receiving the laptop.


or if you want to most likey get in BIG trouble you could re-image it(Google that) although you loose EVERYTHING if you do that.


So the family safety blocks online websites? Cause isn't wizard101 a in-browser game?