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how to turn on a pc fan using an xbox 360 remote? Answered

hi there and thanks for looking.
i am trying to work out how to turn on a pc fan that will vent the cupboard that my xbox 360 is in. if poss i would like it to be cheap as poss and be a not be connected to the xbox if using the remote is not poss then how could it be done when the xbox is running



I do believe I have exactly what you are looking for, this Instructable has two circuits that will turn on a fan, and they will work with any remote. In step 6 the circuit turns on the fan and keeps the fan on until you turn off the fan with the remote.


thankyou for the quick replys am i reading the Josehf Murchison post right that fan only runs for a few secs then turns off or dose it stay on


4 years ago

Simply use a Klixon thermal switch to control a quiet squirrel_cage fan right off the mains !
Be sure to select the temperature of the Klixon to activate the fan carefully.

Klixons are used to control in wall gas heater fans.



Use a thermostat in the box.