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how to unlock Hotmail Ac? done simple obvious - p/wd request (Chinese)?can't remember Q, can't use same name!. help tks? Answered

I am in australia, too exp. to call M'soft no., the office here 'doesn't handle hotmail' acs.. so I have lost the lot. have started otehr accounts, but would like some of the old info.. I am not that good on computer, so searched, rang, called the computer guy on radio, went to local comp.shop - but i just don't believe I can't open it... tks I searched anything I could - maybe it's impossible, but I don't believe it...



9 years ago

the first thing would be too type in a half understandable manner...but from the way it looks. your screwed...


10 years ago

well, the easiet way to do it is to go to hotmail.com (which will send you to logon.live.com) and then click that little 'Forgot your password' link underneath the password field. Fill in your hotmail-adress and type the obscured letters you see in the picture. Follow the rest of the instructions to reset your password. If you have setup an alternative e-mail account for you Windows Live ID, you get the option to send a link to that e-mail, and when you press that link you'll reset your password. Otherwise you will be asked a personal question you specified when you set up the account initially. (I think... I have that alternative e-mail thingy, so I don't get to choose...) Good luck /CrptoKnight