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how to upholster a shelf with fabric? Answered

i have a 96 inch long by 18" deep and 1/2" thick piece of plywood that i want to cover with fabric using a staple gun..how do i do the corners so they're not thick?


You want to start stretching the fabric in the MIDDLE of the board. That will minimize errors of PUCKERS when you reach the ends. When you get to the corners, the only thing you can do is fold and staple and trim any fabric that is UNDER the board that GETS IN YOUR WAY of folding and stapling. It may not come out PERFECT, even when professional upholsters do those kind of folds. Another way is to sew it up like a big square pillow.. then when you fold it underneath there will be lots less overlap and easier stapling. However THAT method is a lot more work. I used to do a little bit of upholstering of car seats and restaurant seats.


Essentially, the same way you do hospital corners when making your bed.