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how to voice activate your mac similar to siri? Answered

Okay so this has been on my mind for awhile now but I never really looked into it because I thought I had watched one too many sifi movies. but then I got an iphone.. and then a mac.. and it all changed. I never understood how well Siri worked on the iPhone.. so it got me thinking.. if its possible to get a program Siri to work that well on a hand held device, it should be no match for a laptop that has twice the computing power right?? Well so far, i've been wrong. However I havent given up and i'm still searching for a possible answer so I have turned to the good people on Instructables to help me out. Before you shut out the idea of telling your computer to check your emails and open up this application and that application, I must say that IT HAS BEEN DONE! but from what i can tell, it has only been done on a Windows 7 and Windows Vista. I'll include a few links so you can see where im trying to go with this. I know some people have wired this up to their house and home appliances where they say something like turn lights on and bam they turn on.. although this is super cool im not looking to do this.. all i want is a program that is like a virtual assistant. and maybe something that i can tweak a little bit as in adding my own voice commands,

Me: "hey who's on my network??" Computer: "you have 4 people logged on to your network, would you like me to display them?"
Me: "do i have any new emails?" Computer: "you have 321 unread messages, would you like me to read you the subject lines?"  

hopefully there is something out there that one of you have either seen, own, or heard of and can provide some sort of information to shed some light on my little endeavor.  I own a Macbook Pro so I do realize that replies to my question may be somewhat limited to Apple owners. 

iron man "jarvis computer"



My PC with win 7 does this - with some degree of success.

I have tried the voice command but to be honest it is MUCH quicker to type.

who says your mac wont talk to you?
Go to system prefrences, then speech then click speakable items.
you can ask your mac to tell you jokes and stuff

thats is only partly true. it is not a "ask me something" kinda program all it does is speak what ever i highlight or type out what i say... very similar to the Dragon software that a lot of people know about.. i've been goofing around with the mic as you said and im not too impressed. rumor is they are releasing Siri for mac in the next update 10.9 OS X but its just a rumor. if they ever do tho its only a matter of time before my project idea becomes a reality. since it would be a download in the new update there are plenty of programmers that i know of that would love to isolate the download and just pick appart siri and add their own stuff to it. I have a friend who is trying to do that with his iphone however iOS is ALOT harder to write when your not used to it at all..