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how to wire a ds screen to a computer? Answered

My ds broke but both screen are ok and i was wandering how to wire the screen to something so i could use it as a computer screen.   Please help me.


you need to first find out what each connection is and does (assuming that there not to small to solder to) if they are then you will need to order a ribbon cable connector off the internet with the same number connections. Then you need to make a circuit to convert the connections to an RCA port which then can be plugged into a computer. The circuit would be the hardest part, I have no idea how to make one, so your on your own with that one. I don't want to leave you with more questions than answers, so here's my advise purchase an arduino and a TFT touch screen shield, which you can get at your local radio shack. The screen is the same size as the ds touch screen and is sold for about 40$ which is a really good price for a touch screen, believe me. Once you get these items all you need to do it connect the screen to the arduino and connect a cable from your arduino to your computer. If you've plugged something into the wall before then your over qualified for this it's easy. Do some research on this before doing this though if you don't know exactly what your buying then it's pointless to buy it. I hope I answered your question, if you have any more then don't be afraid to ask me on my page(no matter how obvious they are), I will be happy to answer them for you.

Ok, cool thanks. I don't know much on making circuits so I will probably get a TFT screen. :)

Sweet, glad I could help. If you have any more questions, like I said don't be afraid to ask.

You can't... well, OK you can but it will cost you well over $100 to get the device needed that will be able to take a signal from your PC and drive the screen to display the images.