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how to wire lcd screen to video and power? Answered

There are all kinds of lcd screens used for projectors but NONE give you the details of how to connect the video signals and power to the lcd screen (inverter)  Maybe I'm not smart enough!!


Oh! here is another solution:




So... By the time you have this hooked into a custom designed pcb and the circuits hooked into the processor you will have spent 10 times as much money and 100 times the time as just having purchased a monitor and hooked it up....

So.. the question isn't how much it costs, but why you are doing it. If it's just to have the screen then don't bother... just buy the thing.

But that's not why this website exists...

That's not why you are asking this question...

If people say it's: "too much time- isn't easy- cheaper to buy it..."

That's all true...


Learning is beyond value.

I think cliffyd probably has the best starter solution.. You will learn the most at the least effort and cost.

As for a wiring diagram for the custom made driver board option, you will probably have to do it yourself.(DIY, you know) If you are succesful then let us know!!

your best bet is to get a portable dvd player, you can actuall buy broken ones off ebay that dont play dvds but the lcd screens still work. Then dissaassemble it from the casing, remove the driver board ( which is much smaller and less complicated than a pc board) and lcd and voila! You have a good lcd for your project, other than that to use your pc to many parts.

but nobody has the wiring as to what to hook where like where do the power and video leads connect to on the lcd driver board?

I am starting a project right now with a portable dvd player. It is going to be turned into a monitor for a spy cam and the dvd player is taken out and the driver board for the screen. I am removing everything and mounting it in behind as well as the receiver for the camera. as for the audio/video hook ups the are located on the screen driver board which i am keeping, remember the only thing that has to go is the dvd player out of everything, simple

The laptop screen isn't any good without the hardware to drive it, which is in the rest of the laptop. Forget it; too much hard work.


What projects are you referring to and what LCD screens are being used?

an lcd screen from any laptop and to run it without the laptop,,,don't know which wires on the inverter board to use to hook up power and video to

Using a Laptop's LCD without the rest of the laptop will not work. There is a great deal of electronics that drive the screen built into the main board of any laptop. If you want to use an LCD in a project you should use a standard desktop LCD. Then all you have to worry about is interfacing it with your project through the VGA/HDMI/DVI port. Still complex but a heck of allot simpler then starting with just the screen and no driver unit or power source.

It isn't as simple as that - The LCD has (somewhere on the graphics or Mother board) a driver. This takes care of all of the necessary work to put a picture on the screen.

If you want to use it as a projector then you almost want to do something it's not designed for directly which is input some form of composite video.

Unfortunately you would have to do a lot of construction of you want to do this. and it isn't going to be easy to find the information.

Most people who use a laptop a a projector use the whole laptop and feed the information from it in the form of either generated graphics, words etc or video from a DVD.