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how to wire wrap jewelry making? Answered

instruction on how to make jewelry bu wire wrapping sharks teeth and miscellanous items


Found some great wire wrap jewelry dvds at www.createapendant.com

If your looking for the Best Wire Wrap Video DVD instruction / Tutorial for your money on the market today? WWW. etsy.DianaVCreations.com is the place to go. You get more individual, unique, patterns and Techniques per DVD for your money! No repeated segments, NO slide shows as filler! No splitting what can fit on 1 DVD into 4 to make you spend 4 times what you should. Just Professional quality all -in- one Wire Wrap instruction. These DVDs walk you through each step with quality close up views of the entire process using front and side view vidiography. Each DVD is set up so you can progress from one level to the next easily and grouped so your learning every thing there is about that one subject or series of techniques in one place, say for example all the different ways to make a setting for cabochons, sea glass, or anything with out a hole, in one 2 hour DVD rather then having to buy {4} 30 minute DVDs to cover the same information plus additional techniques for making a variety of 7 bails as Shown in the Master series #1 DVD or learn to make several different bead settings in the Master series #3 DVD along with the bonus footage of the basket weave some times known as the herringbone design in the same DVD. It's all there in one for about what you would pay for just the one technique. Please take a look and judge for your self, also read the feed back left by those who have already learned with these DVD.

DianaVCreations bought my dvds on Ebay back in 2007 and more or less copied them. She more or less rides other peoples coattails. You're not as nice as you try to come across. My work also speaks for itself.

ok let the Public decide........just look at the comments Nixcreations AKA Create-A-Pendant, made here and when I pointed out that he was trying to trick the public on here, he came back at me with this. This person is lying and spreading stuff about me because I am his competition and Im tired of it!!! please go to
just-joking.deviantart.com/journal/39399746 you can see the degree of deviance that's going on and im not alone in it. If you want more information contact me @ Diamondgirl1959@charter.net I would be more then happy to inform you as will others that have contacted me about this person and how he's also been attacking them and the degrees at which Nixcreations AKA Create-A-Pendant, will go through to try and destroy the competitions reputation while in fact he's the one doing what he's accusing others of and I have unbiased, in writing proof to back up what im saying.

Nixcreations and Createapendant is the same person. Glad to see you found yourself and stumbled upon your own wire wrap DVD's that you apparantly didn't know you'd made but think there really good. I question any one that tries to deceive, miss lead or trick!

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Try you-tube, search for 'wire wrapping'.