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how to with keys... Answered

Can anyone out there tell me "how to" flatten an ordinary house key??? I have been wanting to do a project for many years with keys flattened like the pennies we used to put on railway tracks. i have asked at machine shops and metal workers and EVERYONE says it can't be done... that of course just makes me want it to happen even more!!!


Hammer, anvil, and time.

There are penny-flattening machines (they press a souvenir image into the penny as they do so), which feed the penny between a pair of rollers under extreme pressure.


Pennies are generally softer than keys, since they do no need to survive regular vigorous twisting and pulling.

So, I'd go back to the hammer, anvil and time...

Keys may be treated to be stronger and by the shape of the profile, they tend to be more brittle like when it gets flexed too much and you twist and break it in a lock. The ductile or stretching property of the metal is minimized - probably an aluminum alloy or steel key base. You can try pounding out the key with a sledge hammer and get no where or get a few smaller pieces. Get a pure copper blank in the shape of a key and flatten that out with a train.

No active rails nearby?